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Artist: Blur

Song: Dan Abnormal

Standard Tuning: E A D G B E

A:	x02220

G:	320003

F#:	xx4322

D:	xx0232

B7:	x21202

D/E:	xx2232

C5:	x355xx

Bb5:	x133xx

Intro: A G A G A G A G x2


Verse 1:

A      G      A        G

Meanie Leanie come on down,

A         G     A       G

Come and entertain the town

     A      G         A         G

Its Friday night and we're all bored

A            G             A    G

Time's been called, there is no more

A            G           A     G

Time's been called, its such a bore



A     G           A      G

Dan Abnormal, not normal at all

F#      D         B7      D/E      A

Its not his fault we made him this way

       A  G         A      G

He'll imitate you, try to ape you

     F#      D        B7       D/E A

But its not his fault Dan watches TV



F#                    D

Dan went to his local burger bar


I want a McNormal and chips

        Bb5               G

Or i'll blow you to bits, give us it


Repeat chords for other verses and chorus'.


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